09.17.2002 - 7:07 pm

I had a total meltdown at work today. It was one of those typical Payroll escalate all the way to the VP of the department INSTEAD of doing the reasonable thing (that doesn't waste anyone's time) and complained about something I said. Something totally taken out of context. Something that a computer-phobe (yes boys and girls...they exist!) didn't understand in my terminology. I despise that I have to "dumb things down" all the time. So anyway, I walk in and read this email this morning and completely lose it, practically sobbing.

I talked to PBL about it. She has gotten so much better, so less Psycho-Boss-Lady and so much more Supportive-Boss-Lady. She helped calm me down. Then, I told her I was preggers. Did NOT get the response I was expecting. Let me put it this way, last year when the Payroll Supervisor told PBL she was pregnant, PBL's immediate response was, "But what are we going to do about the raises if you aren't here?!" Nice. Real nice. For me, she was very happy, almost excited. Which was a relief because I was really nervous about telling her.

I loathe my job.


In other news, Nick and I had a most interesting dinner with our neighbors on Saturday night. We signed up for this dinner rotation group within the neighborhood. It's us and 3 other couples. Couple #1, the hosts on Saturday, are in their mid to late 50's, very colonial decorations, they over-cooked the broccoli (it was yellow - I kid you not)...the carrots had an "orange glaze" that made them bitter (I've never eaten bitter carrots)...the salmon was at least good...and the mashed potatoes were excellent! Couple #2 have high school age kids, this was the only couple I liked. Wife #2 used to be an international flight attendant for Pan Am, Husabnd #2 does something with aerospace. Couple #3 is my age, we graduated the same year of high school, they have 3 kids and act like their in their 40's. The Wife #3 was wearing a laura ashley skirt, thermal-type top, and different print laura ashley vest and a grandma sweater. Husband #3 was in a polo and shorts.

We can tell the minute they enter our house we will be labeled as heathens. I told Nick they aren't allowed upstairs (to view his vast collection of Craig Morey photography).

We of course said grace before dinner. I haven't said grace in about 15 years. That totally threw me for a loop. Couple #1 husband was yelling and slamming things. I couldn't help but think that Wife #1 was abused and wondered about their two daughters. I think he hit the dog, I know he at least screamed and cursed at the poor thing. Or maybe he's just a coward that takes his aggressions out on an animal...that is SO fucking wrong. I hope the dog bites him one day.

Couple #3 only do stuff with the church. I found out there's a mommie's group in the neighborhood that meets every Friday. After meeting three sets of neighbors, I don't know if I want to belong anymore. Maybe I'll join Nia's group. Couple #3 still own lots of clothes from high school, and according to the laura ashley outfit, still wear them (for those of you lost in that reference, I graduated in 1989).

The next day I had to pick apart the evening with Nick. I was stunned, I think I still am stunned. You wanna know what he said (loosely remembered)..."That is America. We just hung out with the majority, conservative America".

The only time I've ever "hung out" with typical America is when my family is involved. And they aren't too much like these people. I thought it was just my dysfunctional family.

I guess not.

So, I will have to endure this torutre (?) three more times. I don't want to sign up for the next round. At least they know I'm preggers so I think they would understand if I want to pull out of the rotation given a baby is right around the corner. (I still like couple #2...the husband wants my tattoo recommendations as he is taking his daughter to get one...how cool!)

I guess the drawback of living in this little sub-suburbian neighborhood is I'm not surrounded by my free-lovin', free-thinkin' friends and neighbors like when I was in Seattle.

Maybe it's why we cannot get a Whole Foods on this side of the lake.

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