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09.13.2002 - 4:05 pm

I've had a really shitty week. Besides being sick, I feel like I'm drowning at work. It's all too much! Then, the stupid fucking United Way campaign packets went out today with MY name as a contact for questions about "donating an hour of time"….I do not support the United Way. I'm not a happy camper.

Anyhoo…when I was driving to work today I was behind this total meathead, typical red-neck freak that lives in my little town. The frame of his license plate said…My other ride is your girlfriend. It royally pissed me off. Like, if I had the money to wreck my car, I would have rammed him (not that that would have been the smartest thing to do by some "left-wing liberal going-to-hell" against some freak that probably had a loaded gun in his truck)… I thought about how it applied to guys as in their love-interest-girlfriends and to me as in my friends-girlfriends. My girlfriends wouldn't ever be caught dead with such heathens. Sure, most of 'em love sex…but not at that expense. I thought about the meathead smoker fucking one of my friends and it pissed me off, because all I could see was rape. Not sex or erotica or love…rape.

It got me to thinking about women and how we are perceived in this world. Earlier I had been reading Bust (I LOVE this magazine) and I feel very powerful after reading this mag. What I love so much about it is they don't cater to one particular group of feminists. They have a variety of articles ranging from the women of Burlesque to stay-at-home Moms to international women fighting for personal freedoms to executives and entrepreneurs. It's all so positive. They have great info on websites and organizations, good books to read and music to buy. I read the mag from cover to cover each publication. I think it's just fab! (and you should run out and get a copy). I was fantasizing about it (or similar educational opportunities) being require reading and education for school children. Clueing them in early that it isn't OK to be a sexist fucking pig.

I guess meathead could say something similar about me, you know…the dyke-bitch because I turned his sorry ass down (I'm sorry, I didn't know that rejecting a man automatically made me a lesbian)…or a communist whore (OK, the whore part I'll take…but really?!)…or the fascist anarchist (yes boys and girls, someone called me that once!)….

And into this world I bring a child…sigh…

oh...and by the way...

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