09.09.2002 - 12:03 pm

I'm home sick. Not too sick really, I'm super congested and have a headache. And I cannot take anything. Ugh! Sickness without Tylonel Cold to knock me out isn't pleasant. Nick is sick too, although he is at work for a bit and should be home soon, we spent the better part of the day in bed watching movies yesterday.

I'm having one of those Guilt things about not being at work. But I'm not, I reasoned it out this way this morning...If I did go to work, I would be rather miserable and cranky and probably not get much work done. And on top of it the threat of getting myself sicker would increase. So why not stay home? Yes, I want to bank my sick time for the pregnancy leave, but I think it's unrealistic to not take any sick days between now and April...gotta think about two people now, not just myself.

In other news...not much. Book club was great on Friday, I had a really good time. Saturday we had some friends over for dinner, it was good to see them, I don't think I had seen them since our Harvest Party last year. Yesterday, a quick trip to the mall to buy new bras (my breasts will be so much happier) and then back to bed.

Yep, the exciting life of an expectant family. Woo-hoo!

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