LOVE (and some minor irritations)

09.03.2002 - 7:38 pm

Pregnancy update. I have subscribed to one of those online sites that tells me all sorts of stuff about my growing baby. Today I got a "Here's what your baby looks like this week" email. My baby is starting to look more human-like and less worm-like. Although baby still isn't too excited about food. Tonight Nick is out for a work-thing so I picked up a CPK frozen pizza (they are good, not cardboard like at all) But baby wasn't too thrilled and I spent some time in the bathroom choking. Ugh! It is going to get better right?!

In other news, I'm worried about my husband. I'm worried that all the loving support he has given me since we peed on a stick is starting to wear on him. I think he needs to get away from me for a night or two. Go hang out with a friend. Maybe with S and her son (or without her son). Maybe he should call his friends and see if their cabin in Port Townsend is free this weekend, if only for a night and a day. I think he needs to rejuvenate. can be tricky at times.

I'm really really starting to resent my job and some of my co-workers. If the payroll supervisor asks me ONE more time to do something for her that is out of the realm of my responsibility, I'm going to lose it! This didn't happen today. She asked me for a report that would fall under the HR umbrella of shit...but it was the asking that nearly sent me over. It's frustrating because I feel I do such better work. OK, that was conceited. Granted, I know nothing about G/L and pay roll tax law or anything like that...but at least I know how to act as a supervisor and coach my team as needed. I'm rambling...I think I might use a sick day soon.

I'm heading back downstairs now to get snuggly in my bed with my current book. Only about 200 pages to go before bookclub on Friday. (i think i can i think i can i think i can....)

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