Jack D

08.21.2002 - 7:19 pm

I'm blindly trying to learn html so I can make my diary all pretty-like, it's slow going.

So, we're having a baby. Yup...

I'm so tired all the time. I had a really rough day at work. Towards the end of the day I had a team meeting. My boss looks at me and says, "Vi, you need to go home and have a drink! Call up your friend Jack D." OK, first of all...Thanks! But I won't be indulging in that for who the hell knows how long since I plan to breastfeed. And second, my friend Jack D?! When did the PBL become "hip"?

Oh well, such is life I suppose. My next task, as assigned by Nick, is to go buy some proper pregnancy bras so, how did he put it? Your boobies don't get saggy.


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