08.19.2002 - 6:02 am

I'm finding I don't have morning sickness. In the terms of throwing up all day...which is good. What I do find is that in the morning, no matter what time it is, I feel so ill I can hardly get out of bed, or stand in the shower, or choose what clothes I'm going to wear to work. I barely made it to the refrigerator this morning for some juice.

I talked to Nick about my last entry, about 5 minutes after I posted it. He doesn't think I'm a terrible human being. He also thinks we will bring this little creature into our world in 8 months. He has also been reading anything he can get his hands on about my behavior and tells me this is normal.

He has been so strong for me. And I feel like I'm letting him down on a daily basis. Maybe it's all I can do right now to be sane and healthy is to keep focus on myself, and trust he'll be there to listen and support me. Or that he won't go away.

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