08.04.2002 - 7:58 pm

Wow, it's already 8pm on a Sunday.

My brother is coming in to town next weekend. He has an interview and test with the Seattle Fire Department. Yahoo! I'm so glad he is starting to figure out what he wants to do with his life (maybe I should stop and learn something there) and it will be good to see him anyway. He called me all sorts of pissed off at about 2:30am (NJ time) on Friday night. He was at a party with some guys he works with, walked into a room, and he saw a girl he's been dating hooking up with some other guy. Ouch. I told me he should just write her off, no nothing. He says he's not like that and will talk to her (as she is begging for a conversaton). I think about 3 years ago I finally learned that I cannot pull this "trust me" stuff with him. He needs to learn it on his own. Even thought I would so LOVE to share my wisdom with him, I bite my lip and listen.

Nick and I had a good night out last night. We met up with our friend Dot, she shot our wedding. She does other art stuff, we bought a painting from her last show. So last night was the big drop off...over drinks, slipping a huge piece of art across the table like we are "international art thieves" (as Nick puts it). Many drinks, many appetizers, we all lamented at feeling so out of the scene we were in (all of us are in our 30's) and drinking our faces off is SO 20-something. Unfortunately, Dot hadn't eaten all day until our outing and ended up getting sick. I felt bad, in some ways responsible. Today I was thinking, she's a big girl, she should know better than to not eat all day and then dive into alcohol and appetizers...I cannot hold myself responsible for others actions.

Did I just have a break through?!

Regardless of Dot getting sick, we did have a very good time out. I was read the riot act about not pursuing my jewelry. It's one of those things where I *know* that I have the resources and support of everyone around me to quit working and start designing. Dot went on and on about needing to follow your (my) heart, Do What You Love...The Money Will Follow (yes, I know that's the name of a book!)

I won't make excuses, you all are right. That's all I have to say about that right now.

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