08.02.2002 - 8:41 pm

Friday. Tired. Slightly depressed. Slightly buzzed.

Had a good dinner with Nick. We actually sat and talked and had good food and wine. Farscape is on at 10pm, are you a science fiction show fan? I certainly am.

Again, let me get back to being tired. I came home tonight and insted of working out I watched 2 hours of the Food Network (I LOVE these shows!) Emeril did a whole hour on Chocolate, Wolfgang Puck did a series on Almonds and Tony Bourdain ATE a cobra heart. That was still beating. It was SICK! He then proceeded to drink cobra blood, drink cobra bile, and eat 4 or 5 dishes prepared with cobra. UGH! It's times like these I'm glad I don't eat anything but seafood and vegetables.

I will need to work this weekend. I can hardly wait until this project is over. Because right about the time it does...Nick and I will be in ... Vegas Baby! Yeah, 4 or 5 days of sleep, pampering and partying. I don't even care if I really do any shopping or not. I just want to have a good time.

Oooh...Nick just put in Peter Gabriel's Passion. I LOVE this CD!!!

Something else...My current issue of Bust Magazine has an article about women friends being in the delivery room with the mother as additional emotional & physical support. I felt sad for a bit trying to figure out who that would be for me...and I couldn't come up with anyone. My only thought was my friend Pi and she still lives in Pennsylvania. That doesn't help me that I'm in WA state. I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes.

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