home sweet home

07.27.2002 - 5:05 pm

We are home! The trip was very good. The conference for work was incredible, best use of money my department has had in awhile. (work-geek) And once Nick got out there it was even better. We did some amount of shopping on Thursday, I bought a purse and wallet and a work case thing for Nick. And a bunch of CDs at Virgin (Seattle needs a Virgin records!) We had a quiet afternoon in the hotel room and off to Charlie Trotters for dinner. YUM-EE!! I'll have to get into that one later. I think it deserves an entry all to itself.

Friday we did a bit more shopping (Nick got a new watch, I bought some shoes) then we had lunch at the Frontera Grill. That was a nice lunch experience, pretty good mexican food. Having never lived in Texas, I'll take Nick's word for it. And the guacamole was amazing! We went to the Art Institute in the afternoon, that was fantastic. It's been so long since I've been to a good art museum (those of you from the East Coast must know what I mean here) ... there was one piece that really disturbed me the Monk by Katharina Fritsch. It's one of those sculptures that I could swear was a real person. The more I looked at it, the more I saw the eyelashes shake and the chest move under breaths. Must be all the Catholic fear and guilt instilled from an early age. ouch! A quick trip back to the room to freshen up and off to the House of Blues, unfortunately, 98% of the menu was ladden with meat so I opted for another place, just as good with true Louisiana style. I had crawfish for the first time. We walked back to the hotel for an early evening as our plane left at 8:30pm. Next time we are in Chicago I definitely want to explore the outer neighborhoods more, and hear some good music. And of course, be with my baby.

We had some really good sex too! Including me crawling under a table at the Sheraton and giving Nick a blow job that lead to a typcial elevator ride that lead to some rough and tumble sex in the room. Including me sharing a fantasy with him that came deep from the depths of alcohol-induced trenches. (from what I remember of it) It was very porn style in nature. And a fantasy of Nick's that we doubt will ever come to fruition. We have an opportunity to go and learn how to play with some needles tonight, I just don't think I'm up for it. Not tonight, definitely another time.


And my whole "trauma" for the weekend was ensuring that Nick was having a good time. I was so wrapped up in his experience that I was allowing it to hamper my fun. Not in a bad way really, but it did happen. I had this checklist in my head of what had to happen while we were together, and most of them did happen, I just put so much stress on myself! I need to learn how to let go of that.

Having said that, I want to go and find out what my husband is doing right now.

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