forward thinking

07.19.2002 - 10:48 pm

I been thinkin' bout

Thinkin' bout sex

Always hungry for somethin'

That I haven't had yet

Maybe baby you got somethin' to lose

Well I got somethin', I got somethin' for you

I have this BRILLIANT idea to start an all girls Guns n' Roses cover band. Now I just need to find a guitarist, bassist and drummer. Although, my friend Cap could be our token male. Too bad his NJ hair band days are gone...that would have been perfect! All the girls in college were jealous of his fine (as in F-INE) soft tresses. Some men...

Had some friends over for a Pampered Chef party tonight. Nia and I got a quick (very quick) chance to talk about naughty stuff. We were talking about how Viktor wonders if I'm considered a friend (since I have this No Friends Rule)...and Nia told him Sorry, yes. The thought of it got me hot. and wet.


I really said that didn't I? *giggle*

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