food desires

07.08.2002 - 7:52 pm

Nothing tastes good to me. I ate at work out of necessity and a hungry tummy. Chocolate doesn't taste good, I threw out a bag of Twizzlers yesterday, dinner sucked...water, that I find appealing.

Nick thinks we should fight tonight because make-up sex is so good. I don't quite follow that logic, and yet I do. We took a walk tonight and he picked me up. We were three-quarters of the way home and all I wanted to do was be pulled home (we should buy a skateboard) so he first tried a piggy-back ride, then the fireman's hold. I've never been one to allow myself to be lifted off the ground...too much loss of control and too much need for trust. (lub you bebe)

Also trying to figure out how to design my banner ad to attract (?) more people here. And probably more importantly, modifying my html design and getting some pictures up here.

There's a list of responsible grown-up stuff I need to do and I don't feel like doing a damn thing! I think I'll go get in bed and read, or watch a movie, or entice Nick to join me...


p.s. - I just created a survey, (go check it out)!

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