garage sale

June 15, 2002 - 7:44 p.m.

So we made $121 dollars at our garage sale. I'm still shocked at what people think they can get away with, some woman was trying to talk us down from our $10 offering for a king size down comforter to $5. We negotiated to $8, and she kept pestering us for $7.50. I should have taken it back. Stupid, cheap woman.

I'm in a quasi-unbalanced mood. I feel the need to be alone for awhile. Maybe go to a movie or something, or bead or craft or sleep...or drink another cosmo. It's early still, nearing 8pm on a Saturday night.

When I started this entry there was something specific I wanted to say, and now I forget. Oh well, must not have been that important.


There's nothing good at the movies. blah.

I'm done.

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