June 14, 2002 - 5:47 p.m.

I'm not pregnant. I did pee on a stick. And today I woke up to the worst cramps EVER! I was crying. I keep hearing these "theories" that a pregnancy can help ease the pain of a menstrual cycle afterwards. I sure as fuck hope so!

I also got really upset when I found out I'm not pregnant. I guess I wanted it more than I thought, although I should quit my whining, we've really only tried for a month now. We did try on our wedding night, but I knew that was too late in my cycle so I don't think it counts.


There are fucking ants all over the place! ARGH!

And it's hot. My office gets intense afternoon sun and it's hot right now, I'm not going to last much longer here. It was hot yesterday too, it actually got up to 91 degrees! In Seattle! Before the 4th of July! Granted, there wasn't any humidity, so I'm not complaining really...

AND there is pollen freaking everywhere! I don't ever remember a spring this bad. Last night, our backyard looked like it had a slight covering of snow. No lie! Those of us with allergies aren't real happy now.


My neighborhood is having a garage sale tomorrow. We are hoping to find a basketball hoop. And to make some money we can use for outdoor furniture. We have SO much crap to get rid of, it's kind of sick. But what's worse, the house doesn't look any different. Does the crap multiply when there is a void? Sigh...


btw... nick my nick, I love you. Thanks for rubbing my back this morning...smooches!

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