April 29, 2002 - 5:57 a.m.

First off, we are no longer waiting until the wedding. It just wasn't happening. We agreed to not have sex about 5 days before the wedding to build the tension back up again, but a month was getting to stressful. I believe one of Nick's friends said something about sex was about union and connectedness, and if we needed that at any time more than another, it would be right before the wedding.

So we didn't have a productive Sunday. We had an incredibly lazy one. I got back in to bed to read the paper. Then Nick and I watched a porn flick all the way through. We have never done that before, usually because plot is non-existent. And we had fun mocking the actors and story line...especially the Fabio wanna-be who was an ex-French para-trooper. Yeah, you get the idea.

So now it's 12 days until the wedding. And the weather has been great this weekend, especially yesterday. We really need that kind of weather on Saturday, May 11th. So I hope you all will keep that vision in your head. Please....

So when I said we had never done that before, it meant we had never watched a porn flick from scene 1 to the credits. We actually watch porn a lot. I think we own more porn than the typical male, and no that isn't a line...Nick used to be in the biz ;~)

PERVERTS! He wasn't in a film or anything.... Sheesh!

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