April 28, 2002 - 10:46 a.m.

Sunday morning and lazy. Nick is still asleep and the sun is out. I feel this need to be gardening or something outside. But I don't want to! I suppose that's the beauty of Sunday mornings.

(I just remembered there is java waiting for me and a Sunday paper).

Today I need to make our guest book for the wedding. And probably the place cards (if I can figure out what I want) and by Wednesday I need to let the pastry chef know what I want for a wedding cake since she cannot do what I initially wanted. I'm reaching the point of I-don't-care, not in a way like I don't want my wedding to be perfect (because I do) but from a point that with less than two weeks to go (OK, one day less than 2 weeks) I just cannot let myself get all worked up about stuff.

So I should go get that java before it's too old. More later....

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