Girl Power!

April 09, 2002 - 12:51 p.m.

I've been supposedly working from home for the last hour. But yet again, sucked into the void of Internet Personality Quizzes (see prior entry).

Overall, things are going really well. We met with our wedding officiant last night. It's going to be so cool! It' MY wedding!! ...and Nick's too...

And I think I'm going to take his name. I've always been so torn about that issue, dating back to my college-discovery-of-feminism days... Of course, back then I never thought I would find a soulmate and NEVER thought I would be wanting to be a mom. I read this article in Bust recently that addressed this new wave of feminists, those of us born in the late sixities and early seventies...we have reached the point of having Choice. That if we want to be power hungry, I'll-step-all-over-your-sorry-ass executives we can. If we want to be grade school teachers we can. If we want to be stay at home Moms that teach our kids that nothing can stop them from what they want to achieve, we can. Damn it we CAN and I feel great about that!

Now, on to work I suppose....

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