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April 09, 2002 - 3:51 p.m.

Now I'm depressed. I did get some amount of work done, although not a lot.

My "seattle" friend should be getting their wedding invitations today.

1. I have two more fittings.

2. Nick needs to buy his suit.

3. Nick needs to resolve the music.

4. I need to tell the florist what we want for centerpieces.

5. I need to call the caterer about chair and place cards.

6. I need to send a check to the woman doing our favors.

7. I need to make a hair and make up appointment.

8. I'm wondering if any of my friends are going to want to do the bachlorette thing.

9. I need to set up a tracking system of gifts so we can write Thank Yous. (my brother sent us a complete place setting, he's such a good boy!).

10. I need to ask the Mom's if they want their hair done and make those appointments.

11. I need to make sure the rehearsal dinner place really has our reservations (chalk it up to poor english skills).

12. I need to be alone!

There are 4 1/2 weeks to do all this and more...

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