Blue Monday

March 18, 2002 - 3:04 p.m.

It's Monday and I'm draggin'. I'm cranky and want to go home. I may leave early (ah the beauty of being exempt!)...

I had an interaction with a co-worker today that has set me off (probably prompting the crankiness) and gave me another dose of reality around Alive and Asleep people. As you have probably read, I have a Psycho Boss. Well, I'm finally doing something about it. I've talked to the VP of our department and my HR Rep and am getting some coaching on how to interact and assert myself with PBL. I made the MISTAKE of telling, let's call her Detroit, that I was doing this. She freaks... "Well Vi, it must be nice for you because if you leave or lose your job it doesn't matter." ... "It does matter, I do need to work." ... "Yeah, well some of us have a family to support, and don't have a huge home like you, or register for a $200 gravy boat, blah blah blah..." ... "I SAID, I do have to work." (she's still ignoring me). "Detroit! I DO need to work." ... "Oh, well, I didn't realize that." (in a totally snotty, yeah-right tone).

Well FUCK ME for having a better life than you! FUCK ME for having a rather good demeanor and positive outlook. FUCK ME because I eat healthier than you and am thinner than you. FUCK ME because I'm from Philadelphia and have both my parents alive and supported me to go through college. FUCK ME because I have a partner that loves and adores me and would do anything to support me in getting what I want out of life. FUCK ME because I get sex regularly and DON'T have to cheat on my partner and not use condoms (yes, she really does that) FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!

You know, I'm sorry your life is such a shithole, but you create your reality. Not the fates, not luck. If she's unhappy with where she is at, no one but HERSELF can do anything about it. God I HATE dealing with Victims.

You know what Detroit...FUCK YOU!!!!

Wow, I feel so much better now....

I think I should distance myself from her.

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