Burger King

March 16, 2002 - 7:46 a.m.

Did you know that Burger King has a website? Well, of course every known business does...it just never occurred to me that Burger King would. Nick emailed me this article about Burger King now serving Gardenburgers. I find that disturbing. Really. I mean think about what goes on behind the counter of a fast food joint. I personally didn't work in one in high school (I sold office supplies at a local family-owned business) but I had enough friends in the biz to realize how disgusting it is. And really...BK cooking a Gardenburger?! Really....


I met my friend's son last night. He is SO flippin' cute! The family has been through so much in the last 5 months. Baby was a preemie. Enough said. He is doing so well. And is SO cute (Did I say that already?) He watched Say Anything with us. It's the first time I saw that movie. Honestly it was...and I'm 31! I definitely missed out on that classic. But anyway, I saw Baby and held Baby and had those mother pangs. Nick and I are waiting until next year. I shared with him my desires to be a couple a while longer, he wants us to be in a better financial position. I think I'm ready for that time though. Not like I want to get pregnant right now, ready to be a mom at this point in my life.


That friend I talked about in my previous entry. I was lamenting to Nick about it. He pointed out that she and her husband are in a totally different place than us. That friend isn't going to have kids, they like to go out on the weekends, they like to travel a lot, spend money on nice things... NOT that we don't like to do that, but they are more wired to a party lifestyle. Nick pointed out that a lot of friends in my circle are having families now. And children change it all (ergo, my desire to not get pregnant just yet). Yes, children change it all. Not so apt to just pick up and drink our faces off. And that's OK.

We went up to Bellingham last Sunday for dinner with friends. While driving up there, I had a realization. Asked Nick to support me in keeping this at heart....This is how our friendship is now. We may not be as close, I may not hang out with them as much, she is still my friend and probably moving in to the "category" of occasional friend...and that's OK! I cannot pine away for how it used to be (a lot of my previous therapy has been learning how to live in the now and not in the past). It feels OK, a little angst-y. And that's how it is.


56 days until the wedding. All is planned. I'm meeting with the florist today. I need to get my dress fitted. AaahhhHHHaaahhhah...all is good!

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