Duct Tape

February 05, 2002 - 2:50 p.m.

In the last 24 hours I have seen two cars held together by duct tape. One had his whole bumper/back door except glass window…all duct tape. I kid you not! The other was a whole back window on a mini-van of duct tape. Are people really this stupid?

I'm in a weird mood. Weird like I want to crawl in bed and read and escape. Weird like I want to lock myself in my office and do something arty/creative. Weird like I want to go somewhere and see people. Maybe that isn't so weird, sounds like I want some time alone to do stuff and figure some things out.

So, have any of you been married in the last 5 years? WHAT is the deal with all these bridal shops freaking out because my wedding is less than 6 months away and I'm only now looking for a wedding gown. I have an appointment on Friday with a place near my office. I told the woman my wedding is April 30th (which it isn't but buys me some time *just* in case) and she gave me this exasperated…"Oh, well we do have an "off the rack" room for someone like you". What does that mean, someone like me?! I don't think I know of one girlfriend that had her wedding gown more than 2 months before her wedding. And I am NOT looking for the traditional lacey, bow-laden fru-fru crap. I'm just not that kind of woman. I tried on some stuff last week and told "my consultant" NO bows. She brought me three dresses with bows. And of course, every dress I put on was SO beautiful and SO me!!! Who the hell are these people to say they know who I am?! I met you 10 minutes ago! Which is why I'm thankful that on my second outing I'll have a close girlfriend with me.

I think that's all for now. I should get back to work….

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