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January 21, 2002 - 8:22 p.m.

Great weekend here in the PNW.

Friday, after Nick got home, we chatted. He read my journal entry, and totally misinterpretted what I was saying. Which happens. I just want him to know I would never raise an issue of ours in such a public place without talking to him about it first. I value Nick so much, and don't want to do anything to cause distrust or unnecessary questioning.

Saturday morning we went to our class. Where I had this HUGE a-ha that I don't want to get married back east. I want to be here in town with my family and my friends in my home. (we are in fact planning on getting married at the house). Then we went and registered. I don't think I've ever seen someone so excited (and trigger happy) to have a scanner in their hands. It was a whirlwind to my analytical and planning self. We had a nice, quiet date night at home which is what I totally needed after a long day of emotion. It was really hard for me to tell Nick I wanted to get married here. I was afraid, I don't know of what, because he has always said he wants me to have the wedding I want and will remember fondly when we're 80 and wheeling ourselves around the house.

Sunday was LAZY!! Slept in, fooled around, slept more. Read the paper and had french toast with raisin bread (I'm a total sucker for french toast). Did stuff around the house, including talking to (most) of the parents to tell them of the location change. And did some internet searches for wedding dresses and caterers and wedding cake specialists. Ended the evening watching Carrie and Aidan break up on Sex In The City. Sigh...I'm so glad we have such a good relationship!!

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