January 16, 2002 - 7:26 a.m.

I was SO productive last night. Nick and I chatted about job opportunities and our cat (more later). I did huge clean up in my office, although it isn't complete yet. I looked at 4 banks for my business and I downloaded a manual from the Small Business Association about starting a business.

I believe I have mentioned this before, but our one cat will soon no longer be with us. It's so hard with pets. Here are these little creatures that give unconditional love...and have their own personalities...and even when we aren't getting along (like we are right now, in a BIG way) it's still hard to think of her not being with us anymore. Nick is taking some steps around bringing completion with her this week. I think she is going to end up at the Humane Society. The local shelters that don't euthanize are full. Last night Nick was really upset looking at all the kitties that are posted on the website. We really hope that ours finds a good home that she can be happy in. We also realize the possibility of her being put down is there too. It sucks. I originally asked/told Nick that I didn't think I could be there when we give her up. Now I think I need to be there for him. He's lived with her since she was a little kittie, I've lived with her for a year. I'm not saying I love her any less....But I know this is hard on him. (I am now officially crying) I'll be there, for her and for Nick.

In good news, my interview yesterday went really well. I need to do the Pros and Cons list and really think about if this is where I want to be. And follow up with the other opportunity and basically tell them to get their butts movin' if they want me =)

So that's where I'm at today. Moving forward, living large, and sleeping well.

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