My Trip to the Herbfarm

December 11, 2001 - 5:35 p.m.

Damn we looked good! Nick in his new suit, nice shirt and tie. Cuff glasses. Me in black pants and black satin blouse. Our new ink hidden underneath the clothing.

We arrived at the Willows Lodge and checked in. The room was absolutely amazing! All done in earth tones and slate. The bathroom had a slate floor. HUGE tub (glad I brought some bath bombs). A stone basin set on the counter. A desk made of wood and slate. A fireplace, TV and DVD. Soft, cozy, comfy bed. There were flowers in bright festive colors that I love so much for my birthday. A bottle of champagne that I passed knowing what was next. I remember thinking that one evening was just not enough time. I knew we would be getting back late, sleeping late-ish and be on our way. Another time.

So we walked across the way to the Herbfarm. We were greeted and offered a cup of hot cider. In the main entryway was a cozy room with a fireplace and cute little sofa. There were a few comfy chairs. The fire was going, and lots of people already waiting.

We walked down the hallway and noticed these cute prints of animals cooking. A book named Alphabet Soup: A Feast of Letters. Nick and I thought it would be perfect for a kids room. If you have a copy, my favorite is the Frog with Flapjacks. Nick thought we could frame the letters of the kids' name and hang them. Alas...I still won't tell you what we are planning.

We walked into the wine cellar. Nick was awed. It's exactly as he wants. I thought it was very traditional and warm. Especially the table in this one part of the cellar that had glasses and candles set up. Yummy. We checked out the dining room full of antiques. I adore antiques.

Then one of the owners began by telling us the history of the Herbfarm and sharing some of the herbs that would be in our dinner. Including passing them around to smell and taste. We were led into the dining room. Each party accompanied by a member of the staff. Nick and I were seated, one of the first things I noticed was a tiny little frame with the message: "31 Birthday Wishes for Violet from the Herbfarm, December 9, 2001". It was so sweet. Nick thinks of absolutely everything!

We started with a glass of sparkling wine with a pinch of an herb. I chose Pineapple Sage, Nick chose Rose Geranium (I think that's it). We were brought a plate of starters. A soufflé, an oyster/caviar/Jerusalem artichoke and a few greens with mushrooms for me and rabbit for Nick. (Given my non-meat eating status, I probably won't remember the details of Nick's carnivorous treats).

Then came the Chardonnay and poached salmon with some mushrooms. Then the Riesling with ravioli's...Nick's Wild Boar to my squash....with shallots and currants and hand made pasta. The pinot noir with a sturgeon...Nick's quail. The Douglas Fir sorbet to cleanse the pallet.

Then we took a break. Nick wanted to get out and walk a bit, move in the midst of this meal. We walked into the lobby, and I sat on the green, velveteen setae in front of the fire. Nick turned, and swooped in on one knee. Said something about how it was the perfect moment. He asked me to marry him. To be his wife. Forever. I cried. I said yes. He put the ring on my finger and we kissed and hugged and it was so magical. I felt the whole room melt away to leave us by ourselves in front of that fire. There was nothing but us. Well, there was some rustling back behind me somewhere, but I never took my eyes off of Nick.

We continued through the rest of our courses....Scallops, goat cheese, desserts, coffees, little treats. We bought that alphabet book and a bottle of wine and we were on our way!

We went back to our room and got cozy. I had brought some sexy lingerie thing, and Nick was in his boxers (I LOVE that man in his boxers, he's so cute!). And we snuggled and talked and giggled and kissed and had a wonderful evening. He even crashed out before I did and that hardly ever happens! Although he does like to go to sleep when I'm reading or watching that was nice for him. We slept and awoke the next morning to some amount of sun (ah...the Pacific Northwest). We took a long bath, then a shower, got dressed and went for breakfast.

...sigh... is grand....

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