October 26, 2001 -

Have you noticed that you can barely buy Whole Milk Yogurt anymore? And I say barely because the options to you that are Whole Milk are the most wretched flavors ever!!! What is up with that? I want to know....because personally, all that non-fat shit is just that, shit. It tastes horrible and has so much non-food items in the ingredients. Of course, there is still the low fat options which are pretty OK. And granted, I generally shop in the PCC stores of the world, so I can find some good yogurt. But I really think that says something that whole milk yogurt has disappeared from our shelves.

That said, I have a dilemma. Nick and I need to make a decision about one of the cats. In the one year he has lived in our home (I've only been there 7 months)...she has destroyed the living room floor which had to be redone. She has also destroyed the "cat" room, which will be converted into the nursery. She has left countless packages all over the house, and has behavioral problems. And we have talked about when a baby arrives. I am seriously concerned about her have territory fights with a baby that cannot defend itself.

Because of all these issues, we have locked both cats out of just about every room with a door. The smart one started camping outside of the bedroom so in the morning when we went out to start the day, he would race inside and spent a few minutes with us in the bedroom. He is OK, all he wants is love, he doesn't want to destroy. The other one has finally picked up on this philosophy and has started to camp out too. This morning she raced in and spent too much time in the bedroom. She spent about 15 minutes with me in the bathroom while I showered and other bathroom things, I even pet and played with her for awhile. Then I needed to continue getting ready and she disappeared for a little while. I eventually caught her and put her out of the room. Later, I go to wake up Nick and we figure out that she peed on three of our four pillows on the bed.

So now the sheets are being washed in hot hot hot water and three pillows are trashed. All a mere 24 hours before my father arrives for a week. Nick and I chatted a bit about the "issue" this morning. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow to talk about what could be wrong with her. And to discuss the possibility of putting her up for adoption. It kills me to think about it, but there is a bigger picture here. My children will always come first over our pets, it's just gotta be that way. And if it's really really bad, we may put her down. That just hurts my heart to think about it, but what else can we do? When she wants to be, she is a total lover and affectionate cat. But that doesn't happen very often. Most times, she's cranky and testy and will swat at you (and she isn't declawed). So, that's my story today.

Rough decisions ahead....

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