Ingorant Bastard!

September 14, 2001 -

They say ignorance is bliss. I say ignorance is stupidity and some sort of ď-ismĒ (whether it be racism, sexism, ageism....). Before moving in with Nick, I lived in an apartment in the Northgate area of Seattle. I was two blocks north of a Mosque. While driving to work this morning and listening to NPR, I heard that last night someone attacked that very Mosque.

According to the story, a man (supposedly drinking) fired a shot into the ground and then rammed his car into a pole, starting a fire. Thankfully, the fire was put out and no harm was done to the Mosque. OK...first of all, I donít think we are any better than the Terrorists if we stoop to labeling a whole race or religious group and target them with physical harm. What about the ways of Innocent until proven Guilty. And donít these ignorant people remember that America was explored and settled by people trying to escape religious persecution? (at least thatís how I remember my history class some 15 years ago). Arenít you all familiar with Separation of Church and State?

Second of all, the idiot rammed HIS car into a pole!! Thereís some stupidity for you!

Thankfully, supporters (of various races and religious affiliations I would guess) have left flowers at the door of the Mosque. And now, Seattle Police are providing extra security to the Mosque to protect the people that worship there. Police are also recommending charges of arson and assault be made against this man.

I know that people and countries around the world are mourning with us right now, providing aid, and agreeing to align with the US in a fight (I donít *want* to say war) against those responsible. But how does it look when we have these ignorant shit-heads pulling crap like this?! Iím embarrassed.

On the other side of the coin, is the one-minute of silence today at lunch. Our company is actually turning off the phones for a minute so all can participate (we have a lot of customer service type people). There will be a service downtown that I really wish I could be at. There is something for me about surrounding myself with people that is comforting. I was home alone last night for a little bit. I went out into the garage to dispose of some recyclables, and couldnít get back in the house fast enough. The fear that the boogey man is hiding in the shadows ready to grab me at any minute... I know, that must sound silly to be coming from a 30-year-young woman, but itís true. I get bugged out. That, and I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday afternoon. Crying and babbling on the phone to Nick, feeling sad, depressed and unworthy of him. This tragedy is effecting us all in very different ways. Itís comforting to look around at my co-workers and see that Iím not the only one that is distressed.

Today Iím tired, and I feel like Iím coming down with a cold. Today, I feel the need to be comfortable and with friends. Iíll get a lot of that tonight at a birthday celebration. Today, I just want to wake up from this nightmare and make it all go away.

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