mind dump

September 13, 2001 -

at work, sad yet again, i don't want to be here.

i've been thinking about something nick said the other day. he wants to write a letter to our children, explaining everything he is feeling and experiencing around the last few days. i feel so icky, i don't even want to use the media terms...America Under Attack. so sad.

anyway, i want to write a letter too. i think on some level, this journal will help. but it's not as indepth or full of all i would want to tell my children. i remember when president reagan was shot, i remember when the challenger blew up, i remember desert storm...but this just pales in comparison. so much devastation on US soil. have you all gotten that email yet with the editorial from the Canadian about how the US always helps others, yet we are shunned for how we are. rather poignant.

i was in a conference call earlier and we had a few stress relieving laughs about the emails circulating, the hoaxes going around about Nostradamous, that everyone was supposed to wear red, white and blue today (only one woman in our office got that one) or the one about everyone stopping tomorrow at 7pm to light a candle. we were imagining every american stopping (whether in a car, cooking, watching tv) to walk outside and light a candle...but...what about the time zone factor? we wouldn't all be lighting them at the same time. the world is *awfully* small when you think about this grand scale.

i'm babbling. i really tend to do that when i feel i have something to say but just cannot get there quickly enough.


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