long time, who cares?

August 31, 2001 -

OK, so it's been about a month. Deal with it, this is MY journal.

hm...so much has transpired this month. Nick fractured his arm last Friday when I was at bookclub. In total Marlboro Man fashion, didn't call so I could come home to take care of him. Saturday morning we sat in Urgent Care waiting to get x-rayed and splinted etc. etc. We got a bottle of Vicodin out of the deal, and Nick continues to be uncomfortable. Not really in pain, but gets tired quickly. And having to adjust to the One Armed Man has not been easy for him. Dontcha sometimes wish that Star Trek medical technology were available now?! Although, there wouldn't be any sick days curled up in bed with a box of tissues and bad talk shows. Sigh....

My brother is now in town. Here for a the Bumbershoot event of the year and some other vacation time. It's good to have him here. I'm sure we will have a great time.

And babies. Of the 10 pregnant women I know, the first baby has arrived. A little girl with a full head of dark hair to match mommie. And Nick is feeling the urge. Well, we both are in the urge realm. Nick is ready to start trying now, and I think we really need to wait until we are together for a year. Neither of us disagrees. We are talking about starting to work on the Nursery (well, painting it and doing new carpet at least since it is now the "cat room") Late January, early February...we shall be waiting for the missed periods. Sigh...I think I'll like being a mom.

I'm losing steam here. more to catch up on later, but not too much later I'll try to promise.

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