long time no see

July 22, 2001 -

I know....it's been a LONG time since I've posted, as Nick has pointed out at least twice. I just haven't been in the mood or had anything to say.

I'm kinda buzzed right now. We had this REALLY good wine with dinner. Yum Yum Yum!

Hm...so my office is finally coming together. We were at IKEA this weekend and I got a CPU/Printer stand. So now there is a hell of a lot more space on my desk. Keep unpacking and arranging my life into this home. Including *finally* unpacking all of my CD's last weekend. Phew!

So I was gardening yesterday afternoon. In general, I have always hated gardening. My mom used to make me weed her flower and vegetable beds without any gardneing gloves. I had scratched up hands and knees all summer long. I do not have good memories of gardening.

And still I do not like to weed. But it is meditative in a way. I get some down time to myself so I can think and formulate my next steps. Yesterday I was thinking of babies. Christ! How can I NOT think of babies now? I think I know 10 pregnant women right now. No lie! Between fabulous friends, growing friends, and co-workers....there's a whole lot of booties in the world right now.

I am definitely feeling the itch. Like you could believe. However I made a promise to myself that Nick and I would be together for at least a year before we even start trying. We aren't even engaged yet...not that I 100% believe that a woman and a man need to be married in order to have children. But when I get right down to it...I do want that security. I don't care if I'm preggers and showing at our wedding. I just want it all taken care of by the time our little one enters the world.

Sigh....time to start thinking about converting the "Cat Room" into a Classic Pooh nursery. hm.....

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