July 3, 2001 -

Finally home.

Hawaii was wonderful and all. And I already miss the pristene beaches, but it's really really good to be home. The kitties have not foresaken us which is also good.

I'm looking forward to a real quiet and lazy 4th of July to regroup and do stuff before I have to go back to Hell on Thursday (yuck!)

But I TOTALLY forgot this great Hawaii story to tell you all....

It was still the first week I was there, Thursday I believe. I decided to have a relaxing day on the beach. Had a lunch packed and Harry Potter and I was ready to bronze.

It was an extremely windy day that was making beach enjoyment quite difficult. I had moved my spot three times before I found a comfortable space behind a tree that was partly sunny and partly shady. Everyone else on the beach was towards my left, three families, a few single people.

I was settled in to Harry P. and spitting sand out of my mouth. This guy walks by me and asks if it's OK if he shares the quieter side with me as he is trying to escape the noise and busy play nearby. I say sure (after all it's a public beach and what do I really care anyway).

So I go back to ready Harry.

"Hey, would you mind putting some sunscreen on my back?" Without looking up from my book I say "Sure," put the bookmark in and sit up.

Only to see this boy naked with a full hard-on.

In utter shock, I'm thinking....OK, I'm in Hawaii, this isn't conservative Jersey Shore, just flow with it. Thankfully, he had this spray stuff, so I just sprayed it on his back and handed it back to him. All the while doing my best to flaunt the ring on my wedding finger.... Not that that would stop me from being picked up (wink wink)

Shortly thereafter the kids moved their play in front of us so Mr. Aroused puts his shorts back on and leaves.

My friends told me that is totally wrong and I should have called the cops. Well, how was I supposed to know I asked, citing my thoughts of it just being a Hawaiian way.

I won best story of the trip.


Still glad to be home though....

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