Buyer's Remorse

June 21, 2001 -

What is it with me and snap decisions? The other day I was roaming through Waikiki (horribly tourist place, would never want to stay there, not "real" Hawaii) and my feet were hurting me. I think it was more of nothing being able to soothe me than my shoes causing real pain. After all, two major blisters had popped and I was trying (in vain) to protect them.

So Nick had called for one of our check-ins and I was whining about my feet, and asked him to bring my Birks with him. He thought that was silly if my feet hurt then, and I should just go buy a new pair of Birks. So I did.

Now, first of all, until last summer I never thought I would own a pair. I mean, they are ugly looking. It just didn't seem like something this cool Goddess would be into. Regardless, I invested in a pair that was 50% off at the Bon (real Birks for $35...can you imagine?!) and I was off! I really like that pair. They have three straps, not so bad looking.

My new pair are not the typical design either. They have these criss-cross shape on the top, black. Same idea, super comfortable once they are broken in. And cost about $70. Not so bad for a good pair of shoes. But by the time I got home I hated them and had devised a plan to return them to another store and fain lost receipts. Not to mention there is some wear on the soles from walking in them 1/2 of a day. So I feel bad to try and return them and I just don't know what to do!

Now, this may all seem like SUCH a trauma to those of you in journal land....but it's my reality. And something I deal with often. Nick gets to this point of rolling his eyes and not quite understand how I get to this buyer's remorse because "it's only money" Well...OK, but I never lived like that. Growing up, it was major purchases and if I didn't like clothes that was bought for me and they hung in the closet until I outgrew them, well that didn't go over well. Maybe it's why I'm such an analyzer when it comes to making shoe and clothing purchases, that if I don't get it right the first time, there isn't a second chance. Not until I grow again. Which at this point in my life is not going to happen.


What is a Goddess to do?!

So, on that note I'm going to go get beach ready and head for a day in the sun. Tomorrow when I see my honey again I'll be more bronzed and relaxed and smiley.

But I still don't know what to do about the shoes....

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