June 18, 2001 -

You know what is so great about the internet? I'm in HAWAII and updating my journal! :) OK...so are ya's jealous?

Arrived yesterday and was greeted by my friend and her future step daughter. The daughter gave me a lai. It's now hanging in the room I am staying in and it smells incredible. I can understand the total laid-back-ness that E was telling me about. I plan on walking down to the beach later to get workin' on my tan.

It's kinda funny watching E with the family. She is totally like her step mom. Who is an incredibly caring and funky mom. Nothing at all like her real mom, who is the monster. Poor E got a call from her mom as we were going out to dinner last night. When they got off the phone, E said something about her mom whining and seeking the guilt trip since she cannot be here longer (she's coming in Wednesday and the wedding is Saturday). E was totally stressed out after a 10 minute phone call. I suppose my relationship with my mom doesn't look so bad now. Although, we each have our own tradegies yes?

I miss Nick. I missed not sleeping next to him last night. I suppose that could sound super sappy, or super needy...but this is our first long time apart. Which I think is very healthy. It's just the first time. New relationshps have so much growth opportunity don't they?

I should get going. I want to get back into Harry Potter. Started the series yesterday, and Harry has just pulled into the station and is starting at Hogwarts. Tootles...

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