June 13, 2001 -

Can allergy meds really make you so sleepy? Iím zonked! And I have 35 minutes left in my workday. Iíve been doing that a lot lately...counting down until 4pm. And now in preparation for vacation, Iím trying not to start any big huge projects that I would forget about in 2-Ĺ weeks time.

I donít know what to talk about today. I just want to waste some time until I can go home. Nick hasnít been himself this week. I wish I could just kiss it all better. Or smack it all out of him. haha, he would like that too! I just donít know what to do. Iím listening and hugging and encouraging him to talk to me... I just donít know what to do.

He had to share some bad news last night. He may have to come back to Seattle for this real important meeting while we are in Hawaii. Iím really disappointed. And I hope it can be scheduled outside of the vacation. But it all depends on others decisions, not his. It will totally suck though. Heís talking about leaving and coming back. That sounds insane. I would like for him to come out to Hawaii later or leave earlier so we all can enjoy the trip. And I donít want him to miss the wedding.

My brother will be moving out to Seattle later this summer. I have a confirmation that about 85% firm, I would say. Heís asking my advice on how to tell our parents. Christ! Like Iím supposed to know?! It was so much easier when I did it, I think. I vaguely remember what was happening at that point in my life. I do very clearly remember the few weeks before and after my move was a dream. Acid trip? Whatever it was, I was in no way living in reality!

woo hoo. real exciting entry huh? can I BE any more boring?!

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