June 10, 2001 -

Nick asked why I haven't written in a while. "I like, just did!" Um...I guess almost a full week isn't just entering.

5920!! My highest score yet on Bejeweled. Wo-hoo...thanks Nia... Oh, and Nick thanks you too, he's got some twisted fear that I will leave him because of this game (tee hee) Kidding! It is all chalked up to other past experience, won't delve in to it here.

Saw Swordfish today. Pretty good, entertaining. Something I have been thinking about in the last few minutes....why would "they" leave that child with the mother?! Does it really matter that she had so much money and could provide anything that could be bought?! She was an alcoholic porn starlette. Married to a porn producer or film maker or something. Now, I realize that is a very extreme scenario...but the mom isn't always the best parent to place a child with.

I have a friend with a step daughter who at the merge age of 5 is already having and displaying emotional problems. She doesn't register at all at school. Whenever she visits, she screams for attention....when my friend's daughter was born, the step daughter would try to sneak things over that could have harmed the baby.

The step daughter you may wonder...product of a fling. Second of three, or is it four now? The mom has been to jail twice in the past 3 years for DUI, suspended license...blah blah blah. For awhile, she was living in a hotel room with her two daughters (who had to sleep in chairs), the boyfriend, and was pregnant with a third. Thank Goddess she lost that child. I'm pretty sure it was alcohol related miscarriage.

Do you see what I am getting at here?! Not every female is fit to be a mother. It just makes me sick, and my heart hurts, to think of all those children not getting the love and attention they deserve.

it makes me sad....

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