Be Careful What you Wish For....

May 31, 2001 -

Got some rather disturbing news this afternoon. But let me back up... Took a break earlier this morning with a co-worker. She told me Psycho Boss Lady screwed up again on something and she is in fear of losing her job.

So this afternoon I went to another co-worker, one that works in the area that Psycho Boss Lady "screwed up" in and asked her. She told me that PBL didn't do anything at all. That a former employee got impatient about not receiving a pension calculation and went directly to the CEO. Didn't call HR, didn't ask anyone. Sent a letter and an email to the CEO complaining. And for that, it has been made VERY clear to PBL that she should leave. She isn't being fired, just strongly encouraged to find work elsewhere.

Now, I know I have sat here and bitched about PBL and how difficult she has made my life next to my former manager. But she is human. And just because she is going through menopause does not mean I wish ill on her. I mean, come on!! The Executive Management Group is just going around and strong arming all the managers into Yes-People. They are creating the perfect little Ole Boys Network up on the top floor. It's disgusting.

I know, I know....all companies are dysfunctional. I just am tired of it. I have trouble working for a company that does not treat its employees like human beings. I must work with THE most negative people I have ever come into contact with. I need out of Corporate America....thank Goddess for my Superman!


And on that note, Nick and I had a talk the other night about me finding a job that will make me happy. He asked me why I don't just quit. Do what I need to do to be healthy and more sane.

Because that isn't how it is.

I have never had the opportunity to just DO what I want. Whether that involved a job or not. Steady income or not. Originally, I had told Nick that I would stop working after having a baby, and probably not go back to work after that. Maybe pursue some artistic thing. He thinks that sounds good, and asks why I don't pursue it now.

I need to move slow. I have had so much change in the last few months, I just don't want to hurt myself. I think if I could create my reality right now....I would start working part time, 3 or 4 days a week. Well, OK, only 3 :-) But that would be nice, part time of "real" work, part time of artistic work, a hell of a lot more time to pursue things. Like computers and web design and all these other areas I want to learn about but have not created the time for as of yet.


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