May 29, 2001 -

I had a pretty bad allergy attack this weekend. Friday night we are eating dinner and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe, and I broke into a sweat. So Nick dashed off for some anti-histamines, I changed clothes and collapsed on the bed. Well, not literally collapsed, but laid down to relax. It was scary.

Then yesterday I got all wheezy again. And now that I'm in the 72 hour zone before my allergist appointment, I cannot take anti-histamines. Thank Goddess it's tomorrow. I'm breathing better now that I am at work (mental note, could get in trouble for doing this on "company time")....the underlying story here is I can hardly wait for all this to go away.

And I'm crampy. And cranky. And on Day 1 of the Get In Shape for Hawaii diet modification...given my E.D., I don't like to say I'm on a "diet". I'm not out to lose a lot of weight. 5 pounds maybe, and more shape up than anything. And on that note...Nick and I FINALLY got a visit from the Nordic Track man, so our Elyptical Machine is now working. We both worked out on Saturday. I made it for 10 minutes, Nick for 7. That thing is freakin' hard! Or am I really that out of shape?!

I better motor, I can hear psycho boss lady in the near distance....

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