May 24, 2001 -

You ever have one of those days when you just want to literally tell your psycho boss where to put it? I've been really struggling this week with my job. It feels like myself, and my 2 peers, are 5 years old in the sandbox and Cruella is kicking sand in our faces.

I'm currently having a pretty major project underminded. I think. It's "not in the budget" so she wants to use an outside programmer that SUCKS! This man has never ever never had a contract with us to program databases. How stupid is he?! I mean come on, I'm not a consultant and even I recognize the need for a contract. If nothing else, to CYA and get paid.

I digress....so what's the point of paying less for a super stupid programmer when you KNOW his product will break. And I work in HR, you know, the last time I checked you don't want the HR deparment to fuck up and have your confidential information published for the whole company to see.

Now I'm feeling paranoid that a co-worker is going to read this and turn me in. Well, fine. If that's what happens there is a higher Goddess at work.

and that is my rant for the day.


Back to creative land. I think I'm going to do my office walls in sage colors, and get a purple couch. I need to get some artwork I have framed.


Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. The Mama Elephant had a baby recently. I think that kid will be real cute to watch. I've never seen a baby elephant. At least I have tomorrow off so I can sleep in (there I go again diverting into work-bitching).

Anyway...three weeks to Hawaii and Nick and I are doing a bit of diet modification so we can look smashing on the beach :)

Now I'm rambling on absolutely insignificant stuff, so I'll say tootles for the day.

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