Catching Up

May 23, 2001 -

I'm so tired. I can never tell from month to month what my cycle has in store for me. I was literally nodding at my desk 40 mintues ago. I haven't done anything work related for the past 40 minutes. Caught up on some diary reading, called friends, checked email... The usual work goof off thing.

Busy. My future mother in law is in town this week. I believe I have talked about Nick and I fixing up the room. If I do say so myself, it looks fucking awesome! We were quite impressed with ourselves. My office will be tackled next. We may even be adventurous enough to try and paint it this weekend. This definitely feels like home, but once I get my space squared away it will be doubly enjoyable as it is now.

I future mother in law. I like her. I can see how she drives Nick nuts with the "typical" Jewish mother stylings.

You know what, I need to finish this later, it's time to go home...FINALLY!!

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