Stupid Government

May 1, 2001 -

There was a time last November/December that those of us in the *right* mind thought we could zone out for 4 years and ignore the crap going on in D.C. Well, I have two things to say.

Isn't it fucking peculiar that the VP is toting an energy plan that wants to construct like, a gazillion new power plants...when this VP *was* a former energy executive...and how he's convinced this is the only way to cure the current crisis? Oh PUH-leze! Those of us smart enough to know why the Green route isn't being explored is because there is NO money in it! Why take the time to explore and construct alternative energy methods when it could threaten the very livelihood of these execs. Why don't they all retire with their gazillions of dollars and let those of us in the next generation try to make it right. Of course, I must also own up to being a stereotypical member of Gen X and not wanting to do anything personally around that measure. But I say if there are people out there interested and willing to do the research and documentation, let's throw them some money. You bet your ASS I'd rather have my tax dollars go to that than some luncheon for ALL of Congress (even though only a quarter of them went) to celebrate the first 100 days in office. I mean, can you just imagine the spread at that thing?

I'll stop now.

The second governmental thing that pissed me off....(sorry to be so vague here)...but that bill they are trying to pass making it persecutable if a crime is committed and a baby dies. Do those Right To Lifers *really* think the rest of us are that stupid?! Don't they see that by passing that they are putting Life onto a fertilized egg...thereby increasing their odds at changing, if not eliminating, abortion? Maybe I'm delusional, but that's the impression I got from all the stuff I've been exposed to.


My life otherwise is pretty average. I have a date with Nick on Saturday :) Isn't love grand?!

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