Pierced Again!

April 22, 2001 -

It's been quite a full weekend, having Friday off of work to get moved in. And am now procrastinating on finishing the move from the apartment. Ran many errands yesterday with Nick, even though we promised to have a quiet day at home...got new casual dinnerware, shoes, Nick got clothes, socks, bras...the boring stuff. But then there was Capitol Hill....

and my new piercing :)

Prior to yesterday I have 7. Don't get too excited...5 of those seven are in my two ears....3 in my left, one in my tragus, one in my right, one in my belly and one in my nose. And now...ta da da!!! my left nipple.

Yes, girlfriend got her nipple pierced! Nick has requested it back when we had first started dating. I was seriously considering it for awhile, and then put it on the back burner to other exciting adventures. For whatever reason, it came up again on Friday while the mover's were working. It just hit me in a flash...I MUST get pierced today!

For those of you that don't know me personally, I get an itch every 6-12 months to add more decoration to my body. I haven't been pierced since I got my nose done 18 months ago. I haven't completed a new design for another tattoo as of yet....then the power of suggestion took over.

Nick has been sick. And when I spoke to him Friday morning, he wasn't fully up to speed. So I decided to forego on the Friday afternoon piercing. But then yesterday we were in the mall, I believe it was Nick that brought it up first about being pierced. And I got ALL excited telling him I wanted to get my nipple done.

So shortly thereafter we were on our way to Laughing Buddha on Capitol Hill. I get such an adrenaline rush when I decide to pierce or tattoo and I was Ms. Chatterbox the whole ride over. Nick had never seen me like that, I think I remember him saying it was cute. There's pieces of the trip to C.H. that are gone from my memory. We arrived, told them what I wanted. Then I chatted a bit with Brett, my piercer (that sounds weird, like he's my own personal piercer). He's the same guy who did my nose and I am really pleased with his approach as a piercer. He's very calm and reassuring and complete and thoroughly explains each step of the process. Not that any other piercer would not do that themselves, I just feel a safety with him that I wouldn't want anyone else to pierce me. (as I am standing there in my pants, naked from the waist up and Nick watching) Then I am laying on the table, Nick at my head rubbing the back of my neck whispering to me to breath and relax and breath (I sometimes forget to do that) Then Brett has me take some deep breaths, he clamps my left nipple, one big breath in, exhale and the needle is in! It didn't really hurt at all. I'm thinking...cripes my nipple?!...that's got to be the worst piercing next to any genital area (which I will NEVER go to). Done. Fini. We went over the steps to clean and care for my piercing and Nick and I were on our way! It still doesn't really hurt, and I have yet to do the typical Big Bang that sends shockwaves of pain through my body. As I type, it is a bit itchy and sore, but no problems.


Today, we are truly in and relaxing. Nick and I committed to not leaving the house in a motor vehicle. We are both in our sweats. I'm totally relaxed, and am thinking of going to watch some mindless TV after this. Nick is a bit restless. We were chatting yesterday how neither of us really knows how to do nothing. Look at me here, I'm doing *something*. I'm rambling.

I'm pierced :) Yahoo Mama!

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