boring entry.

April 20, 2001 -

I have a kitty in my lap making this very hard to type. I think b-man is a bit jealous that i have been spending so much time with his sister. cats...not too far from children i hear...

so that's it! the mover's showed up a the apartment bright and early to move all my stuff into my new home. three hours later...the job is done. not bad huh? yet, you should see the goodwill pile. it's frightening! in fact i need to call them and set up a pick up.

i'm kind of in this trance state. euphoric and scared all wrapped in to one. i think both nick and i fear one will tire of the other and want out. We spent some quiet time together on the couch after lunch. now he's sleeping, he's got a pretty nasty cold. it has changed our whole pizza and painting tonight, no dinner party. yet, a quiet weekend at home is so welcome! i'm the kind of person that is not settled in moving until it's all put away. and we still have to paint two rooms before that can happen.

i'm just rambling, not much exciting stuff going on today. i love taking a day off of work. especially when most of the day can be quiet and lazy :)

good weekend wishes to everyone!

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