April 16, 2001 - 8:30 pm

Oh wow....if you don't want the gritty details of my sex life, I would suggest you pass on this entry. If you don't like raunchy details, I would suggest you pass along.

Nick and I went to Toys in Babeland this weekend ( in search of a gift for a friend of mine that is without a honey bear (do a search). Upon looking through the store, browsing for what we may want to bring home...I saw the little guy almost hidden amongst the dildos. The Dolphin Ring Vibrator. sigh.... Picture if you will a pink little dolphin head attached to a flexible/expanding ring. Are you hip enough to know where the ring goes? Yes boys & girls...around his penis.

We rushed home and Nick could hardly wait to try out our new toy. Actually...truth be told it took us about 24 hours to get to it (read on for more information). So...Sunday. Sex time. In the bedroom, Nick asks for the new little guy we picked up. I pull out Mr. Dolphin...slide him on. We are positioned and I turn the dial.

I could tell right away that Nick wouldn't be able to hold out for long. He got this cunt eating grin on his face, said WOW! about a gazillion times, came in 2 minutes and was able to hold on even longer to make sure I got what I needed too. Quite the erotic and exciting experience!

Phew....I think I need a cold shower!

...or not.... ;-}

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