April 15, 2001 -

Easter Sunday. Yipee. The Easter Bunny came to visit Nick this morning. I think he was touched. It was very cute. (I'm still trying to get used to this Mac of his). Anyway, been some times of change.

My apartment is mostly sort of packed. There's A LOT going to Goodwill or whatever other charity I get to come to my apartment and make a pick up. Makes me sit back and wonder why I had been hanging on to all of it for so long. Like that sweater that I *swear* I will wear next time we go out. M-hm.


I'm feeling at a bit of loss for words. Nick is putting together IKEA stuff. He's got it going on. Of course, there is the story of the new Izone camera. Nick picked one up a few days ago. We played with it last weekend taking pictures of us and the kitties. Arguing over what is a good vs. bad photo of each other. I get up awfully early in the mornings, 5:30 so I can be in the office by 7am. One morning last week I stumbled into the bathroom, came out of the toilet and came face-to-face with izone pictures on my side of the mirror....Beauty (me sleeping) and the Beast (Nick's stellar penis). I laughed. It really was quite ingenious.

Now the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I better take them down. No one really needs to know about our depravity. At least not yet.


While thinking of sex on the brain....multiple partners. Nick has always been open minded to inviting another woman or man into our sex lives. Not permanently, just an experiment, since I'm the one more resistent than he. I of course have rules around it...no friends, no "hanging out", just sex, probably a one time thing...that came about again last weekend when I told him I was willing to try it once and only once (unless I have a great affinity for what will happen in the bedroom) There has been talk of putting an ad on Nerve, or responding to an ad on Nerve. Although, I think I'm losing my interest (and not to be a total pun-ster) nerve for the whole scenario. At the same time, he isn't asking we do this tomorrow....I've got time to work out more rules and stipulations. sigh....


I think that's it for now. I just woke up from a nap and am feeling the need for some ibuprofen to rid this headache.


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