April 9, 2001 -

Why did I wait so long to do my taxes? Have you discovered the beauty of TurboTax? WOW!! It's like Taxes for Dummies. Not that I'm a dummie, because I'm not. I sold some stock and just didn't want to deal with the headache. And the car I DONATED to charity to get a tax deduction...doesn't friggin' count because it doesn't exceed my normal deduction amount. I could've sold that piece of crap for parts and paid off part of my credit card. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda right? Oh well, at least I don't owe money.


And the mover guy came by for an estimate. When he asked if I bought something or if I'm moving for my job I told him I'm moving in with my fiancee. It just came out! Just like that!

However, I suppose that isn't too too bad. After all, I am wearing a ring. And between us, Nick keeps referring to me as his wife. So I don't think fiancee is too far off the mark. Can you say...rationalize?


I'm in a weird frame of mind. Work was so blah. And psycho-boss-lady was getting weird on me today. I'm going to a 5 day training class through our IT department to learn VB. She kinda freaked because I started rescheduling meetings. Um...hello...I am responsible! I do understand I have deliverables, so I'm trying to meet those on a different time line.


And I think that's it for today, rather boring I know....

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