April Fool's

April 1, 2001 -

My parents keep such a kick out of playing April Fool's jokes on me. I'm SOOOOO tempted to call them up and tell them I'm pregnant. Haha... Although I think they may clue in to what day it is. Then again, I have taken them by storm with the whole Nick thing. C'est la vie!


Lazy Sunday. The best kind. Nick is asleep, I'm doing laundry and just paid for an ebay auction. And I really really need to do my taxes today. Two years ago I was one of those fools at the post office on 4/15. And it's not like I owe money or anything. I'm just getting to the point in my life when the 1040EZ form just doesn't work anymore. Ugh.

I also want to work on a creative project for E. Starbucks has these Make Your Own travel mugs. You decorate the paper and then seal it up. She'll like that I'm sure. I also picked up some info yesterday on registering for the Pottery Barn. The poor thing....there is no PB on the island.


Nick and I talked about our wedding yesterday. I know, I know...it's probably at least two years out from now, but it's fun to play. My friends will be SO happy. I had been telling everyone I was going to elope. I've had many responses that I better not....they want to see me say the I Do's. And yes, my wedding is MY wedding. Why do people keep trying to tell me that the wedding is about my friends and family? Where did that fucked up mentality enter the picture? Probably some east coast thing. I'll tell you, I will NOT be having an east coast wedding. Too much stress!

Tee hee...so I'll share the plan so far....We are going to get married on our lawn. We are going to hire Super Diamond as the band (Neil Diamond cover band for those of you that don't know). We are going to have it catered, of course. Get a cake at the best bakery in town. And that's about it so far. As we were discussing it last night, I was actually having daydreams of getting a wedding gown. As much as I don't want to be the stereo-typical bride (no offense) there is something alluring of being all dressed up. I've always thought I would get an elegant, plain ivory dress/gown. No typical wedding stuff. And maybe some long gloves. Depending on the time of year.

I see the next problem already....the guest list.

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