March 31, 2001 -

You know, Iím not in my early 20ís anymore. The time I could put back 8 shots of Absolut, dance til 3am, crawl home, hook up, and be up for an 8 oíclock class. No, now....I have 2 martinis (granted it was 2 martinis in a Ĺ hour period), fuck like an animal, somehow get my ass in bed (I say somehow because this morning I had one of those, where am I? experiences), sleep solidly until 7am when the cats wake up...and then thereís the 24 hour headache. And boy do I have one!


Iíve been feeling displaced. I stayed at Nickís every night this week except Monday. I still donít have most of my life in our home. Itís still here in my apartment. We were going to go to IKEA today to start furnishing the guest bedrooms. But I felt the need to be home. To spend some time at my apartment moving more of my life.

I was all stressed out to tell Nick this. I thought he would get upset. He was anything but. I just mention wanting to spend time preparing to move and heís all...OK! (imagine, happy smiling face). Stunned. Yet again, Iím asking for what I want and heís totally game to provide.

So last night I spent time cleaning and adding to the Good will pile and brought over most of my bathroom stuff.

Today I got all my beading supplies together and weíll be moving that so I can set up my craft space in my office. I havenít been beading for a while and thatís stressing me out. I havenít reordered supplies for metal designs and thatís stressing me out. I need to start creating again. Through art Iíll find some release.

I think we are going to go to Home Depot and look at paint samples for the bedrooms. Yeah!


My mother is up to her old tricks. I found out from my brother that she is pumping him for information. Typical. Donít go to the source, try manipulation! Whatever.....

(You can see Iím still not really getting along with mom.)


And I think thatís it. Nick is napping in bed and Iím thinking of joining him. You know, the hangover thing....

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