March 26, 2001 -

Thatís it. Iím promised. Promised towards and engagement and eventually marriage. Wow. It does feel different. My apartment doesnít feel like home anymore. I want IN my new place ASAP. As does Nick. We are considering hiring movers for this weekend. Then thereís the whole unpacking experience...

Iím one of those types of people that unpack as soon as I arrive. In fact, my dad often comments that itís not my place and we donít start anything until I find my stereo and plug it in. After all, you must have tunes to unpack right?! Yet I sit here in my apartment now feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Iíve been in this place for 4 Ĺ years. And as much as I try to live a simple life, Iíve got a whole lot of crap! Nothing like a move to inspire some Goodwill dumping!

Then thereís the logical suggestion of just packing my valuables. When I was little and we moved to NJ, we had moverís pack. They did stupid STUPID things like put textbooks in with plates. I mean...come on! So I have a bit of an irrational fear of my stuff being destroyed. Funny, I think now that my valuables donít just constitute the breakables. A lot of my stuff is valuable to me. Most articles in my life tell a story. Not much is there to fill space. Iím a story and imagery kinda girl.

I suppose Iíll start after dinner....


I started acupuncture last week. This woman comes referred by three people. It was quite an experience. We spent about an hour talking about my lifestyle and habits and general health. Then the treatment was about a Ĺ hour. I was stuck in my elbows, my hands, my knees, between toes on each foot and one in my left earlobe. My left arm had the weirdest sensation. I asked her if Iím supposed to feel the needles once they are in. She asked if it was a buzzy feeling or a sharp pain. A buzzy feeling. Thatís normal, my Chi is starting to move.

Then about 5 minutes into it my whole left arm just ached. It started in my elbow and moved into my hand. My arm felt heavy and hot.

Iím also on some new herbs in addition to my regular vitamins. Itís too early to tell, treatment lasts for 6 weeks initially, then we set up a regular plan. So now I need to wait. ME! The eternal Immediate-Gratification has to wait. A good lesson I suppose.


Iíve just got to comment on the Oscars. Nick and I watched on his new widescreen TV. Curled up with the kitties and mocked most of the celebrities. I thought Juliaís acceptance speech was totally cute. In general I donít like Julia Roberts, but she did an astounding job in Erin Brokovich.

Just two things I gotta say....

-- Is it me or did Dylanís song sound like a Leonard Cohen rip off?

-- Does Ms. J-Lo do it as a Fuck You to the media? Because she loves her body? For shock value? In a way, I admire her for having the guts to get up in public and create a stir like that. Women taking charge is empowering. Yet, does she have to do it by exposing her skin/body? I am not really trying to say anything, just sharing my thoughts with those of you that think more than the average bear.


Oh, and it's Mom's birthday. Happy BDay.....

(not that she is going to read this or anything)

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