Six Degrees of Separation

March 18, 2001 -

So Nick and I went to this party last night. A St. Patrick’s Day Event at his friend’s home. A woman that’s an incredible artist. In a beautiful home with a view that’s warm and inviting and full of eclectic and friendly people.

I saw this guy that just looked so familiar. It was weird. One of I really know him or is it just a mental thing. Then Nick and I were in the den chatting and being shmoopy (recognize a theme yet). And I look over at this guy, who is standing there with a glass of red wine, holding it by the stem, swirling it, chatting with his other 3 wine connoisseur friends...and it dawns on me!

“Does J belong to a dinner club that meets once a month for good food and better wine?” (or I said something like that, not as articulate...)

“Yes, why?”

“OH MY GOD!!! That guy over there, the one with the thick geeky glasses, he was Date #1...” And I burst into hysterics.

For those of you that don’t know, because I haven’t created the archive of my dating escapades as of yet...I began the dating/slut phase in late August. The first guy I conversed with was a relatively smart MicroSoftie, about my age, very conversational in the online world. He told me he was 5’11”...witty...great conversationalist...and good looking (OK, chalk that one up to my gullibility!)

What I met at that restaurant in the Market was a quiet, nerdy looking type. NOT a conversationalist at all! Not witty and certainly not attractive. But the best part is when we stood to leave, as he was going to walk me to my car. I was taller than him. Without heels/Docs I’m 5’4”. With heels/Docs I’m at most 5’6”. And I was taller than him.

Why did he lie? Like I’m NOT going to figure out he lied about his height? Would we have spent our dating relationship (if it even had a chance of getting there) in the seated position? Puh-leeze! Grow up men, women are smart. We have eyes. Lies do not go past us.

And that’s all there is to say!

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