Why I Love Nick

March 15, 2001 -

Why I Love Nick

In no particular order....

1. His eyes are soft and warm. And exciting.

2. He smiles a genuine smile.

3. Heís my soul mate.

4. He has totally loving kitties.

5. He laughs from his belly with his whole being.

6. He can cry with me, in front of me, ask to be comforted.

7. He will rub my back until I purr.

8. He will play with my hair.

9. He teases me knowing how gullible I can be...in an innocent way.

10. He will ask me to hold him.

11. He likes the finer things in life, and still loves my ragamuffin ways.

12. He likes my name for our daughter...

13. He supports my art.

14. Heís great in bed!!

15. He likes me just as I am.

16. He likes to see me in sexy clothes...and the finer fabrics.

17. He will listen and work with me to talk through and resolve our conflicts.

18. He will get down and dirty and as catty as I can be!

19. His friends (that Iíve met) are really fun.

20. He likes wine.

21. He likes good wine...and is willing to teach me what I donít know.

22. He can cook vegetarian! ... and he can cook! ... and understands that I cannot eat food with a meat base or Iíll get really sick.

23. Heís a good spooner.

24. We can be incredibly, disgustingly shmoopy together...and I know he loves it!

25. I can read his facial expressions, call him on it, and he will share whatís on his mind.

26. He wants a dog too.

27. He has great tastes in gifts!

28. Heís my Soul Mate (...yes I realize I said this above...)

29. He turns me on something awful! ...or wonderful....

30. He wants me to refer to his house as OUR home....his bed as OUR bed....and is going to give me my own room.

31. He has this really cool attic space that will make a great playroom for kids.

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