the Del, Part 1

March 14, 2001, #1 -

First off, Nick asked me to move in with him on Friday. A bit of an accelerated time from what I/We had originally planned...and I gave my honest (at the time) answer...after Eís wedding in June.

And I told him I want a Promise Ring. Heís fine with that. He asked if I wanted him to wear one too. I said yes. Heís fine with that too! This man continues to astound me...and I fall more in love with him every day.


Early Saturday morning we are on our way to SeaTac to venture down to San Diego. We spent the entire flight having quasi-heavy, quasi-fun conversation. We covered a lot of ground. I talked about my mother, he talked about his. I donít really remember all that we spoke of at this moment. It was all very connected and deep.

Cab it down to the Del Coronado....leave our bags and we are off for the Fashion Valley mall. He got new shoes that we both picked out (he had brought some loafers...Iíve never really liked loafers on a man. Or woman for that matter. We bought him some clothes. We bought me some clothes...and I didnít protest or complain or loose my mind or anything.

And we went to Tiffanyís. Nick was like a kid in a candy store! He brought me past each case, stopping at the white gold, platinum and silver displays. Asking me what types of jewelry and settings I liked. We ended up in front of the silver case, I picked out an Eternal Circle. Very beautiful piece. I even found something for him. Something I wonít mention any more about because I know he will be reading this. It was wild. I told Will about it last night, I think he fell out of his chair... ďMy Sister?! In Tiffanyís?!Ē

We found our way back to the Del. Went to our room. Which had a beautiful ocean view. Nick spoils me!!

We went out and walked along the beach. Holding hands, kissing, being all shmoopy. (as usual) We stopped at one point, I told Nick that I believe he is my soul mate. I donít know that Iíve ever seen him so happy. It was so refreshing. I felt closer to him in that moment than ever.

After we returned from the beach, there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us. So romantic! I had no idea all he had planned. Sigh....

Dinner, blah blah blah...after dinner drink....blah blah blah...Nick sent me back to our room to bath and prepare for a night of wonder and pleasure he had been dreaming about all week.

So I took a long soak in a warm bath with a fizzy. Put on slinky lingerie that he bought me. Walked into the bedroom area to find him naked on the bed.

And the evening started up again. Nick had wanted to go down for a while. Given my menstrual cycle, he had to wait. Wow! OK...freakiní wow! When he was done, I just took over. Flipped him on his back, got on top and brought him quick pleasure like he hadnít known in a while.

Weíve named it the Flip ní Fuck.

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