the Del, Part 3

March 14, 2001 #3 -

A sad day. My last day. We rose, did our usual morning ritual. And went to brunch. Ran into one of his co-workers. Walked along the beach. Watched fighter (?) planes come in. I packed. Nick was sad.

He asked me to stay. And had I not had my new assistant start that day (I was...cough cough, sniff...sick) I would have.

It was very sad to leave. We had a MOST amazing weekend. Lots of sharing. In fact tons of sharing. Especially of feelings and fears. And baby names :)

It was sad for me to leave. To be at the airport without him. To be on the plane alone. Going to his house that night to tend to the kitties and not have him there.

So sad. I truly love him. With all my heart and soul.

Iím seriously rethinking the July move-in date....

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